Learn Zillion - Common Core Support

Videos for Math Support: Click on the above link and enter the Quick Code found in the list below.
* Rounding to the Nearest Ten
Quick Code: LZ1786* Round to the Nearest Ten or Hundred in Real World Situations Quick Code: LZ1790* Solve Subtraction word problems by identifying key phrases Quick Code: LZ1582* Solve Subtraction problems using a number line Quick Code: LZ1583
* Identify a polygon by its attributes
Quick Code: LZ2522
* Describe quadrilaterals by their attributes Quick Code: LZ2388
* Identifying trapezoids and parallellograms
Quick Code: LZ3376

* Find the perimeter of a square or rectangle by adding side lengths
Quick Code: LZ1164
* Find the perimeter of a polygon
Quick Code: LZ1164